Thursday, November 5, 2009

Windows 7 - OK maybe I spoke too soon?

I was lamenting the launch of Windows 7 because my crafting gagets/toys won't work on that OS and I need a new computer. Well,  maybe I spoke too soon.  I just found out that there is something called Windows XP mode that is available on the Windows 7 pro, enterprise and ultimate editions. It is a  fully licensed and ready to run copy of Windows XP. It has it's own virtural DVD, virtural hard disk, virtural memory and virtural network connection. You need to run it in a separate window and you can download and operate software using Windows XP just like you could on you old computer. You will need to remember to turn XP mode on and off, since the primary OS is still Windows 7, but I can think of worse things!

OK maybe Windows 7 might work for me after all?


  1. I think it is time for you to try a Mac. More money upfront but fewer problems! That makes it a good buy. I still use my seven year old dome style even though I have two newer Macs including a 15 inch MacBook Pro (bought this summer)which I love!

    You can now run both the Mac OS and Microsoft system at the same time. My sons do that for playing games since there are more games for PC.

  2. Hello Taste it, thanks so much for stopping by. And a BIG thank you for the other links. The boxes are just wonderful. Good luck with Windows are more brave than I am. LOL.